Atlantis Ventures




Atlantis Ventures is a Munich-based early-stage VC firm. We focus on pre-seed and seed investments, primarily in Germany.
We are entrepreneurial and a founder’s friend. Our sweet spot is the early stage European tech and software startup that comes with an unfair advantage in terms of their team. As Entrepreneurs at heart, we typically share the same curiosity for a topic with the founders. We decide rationally but trust our intuition in the process. You can expect the utmost professionalism from us and vice versa. But let’s not forget… Let’s also enjoy working together. We’re building a sand castle cooperatively, a great one!

Finn Wentzler - Founder and MD

Startups are a key driver for the pace of innovation on a global level. They are innovation enablers that improve quality of life, health, safety and sustainability of our planet and species. That’s why I like to support founders that move the world towards a better place.
– Finn Wentzler