Atlantis Ventures


Exceptional teams,
who are on a mission to progress the world.

We work with passionate entrepreneurs and early-stage startups who dare to elevate the game. We provide knowledge, hands-on support, network, early-stage funding and deep expertise in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Stage / Region

Our sweet spot is angel tickets in pre-seed & seed rounds within DACH, Nordics & UK. Exceptions prove the rule.

Investment Areas

We invest in exceptionally strong founder teams, primarily within SaaS, DeepTech, and Sustainability. We have a strong bias towards impact.

What you can expect

We utilize our background in company building and outstanding network of investors, advisors, and experts to support you towards your Series A and beyond.

We are in for the long term and reserve capital for follow-ons.

The level of interaction adjusts to your current needs. Here when you need us, quiet when you just want to execute.

We’ve been described as a founder’s best friend, no matter if good or tough times. We’re on this ride with you, let’s make it a fun one


What we care about:

We are Personal. It is in our core that personal relationships matter.

We strive for excellence. We expect from ourselves, what we expect from you.

We value Integrity. We are honest communicators and stand by our conviction.

We are Founder Friendly. We understand the struggle and what you are trying to accomplish.

We are Long-Term. We are long-term partners and build relationships that go beyond the exit.

We value Impact. We care about future generations and do not support businesses that do more harm than good.

Finn Wentzler

Position: Founder and MD

Startups are a key driver for the pace of innovation on a global level. They are innovation enablers that improve quality of life, health, safety and sustainability of our planet and species. That’s why I like to support founders that move the world towards a better place.

Finn Wentzler

Founder and MD

Startups are a key driver for the pace of innovation...

Tobias Burger

Tobias Burger

Position: Founder's Associate

Tobias studied business with a focus on technology, innovation and entrepreneurship at FAU Nuremberg, as well as business & management at SSE Stockholm.

Before joining Atlantis, he worked on the investor side at Antler, on the startup side at Tanso, as well as in the corporate world, providing him with a broad set of perspectives and experiences.

His heart beats for tech innovation and early-stage entrepreneurship and he feels extremely excited and humbled to work with the smartest minds in the field on a daily basis. At Atlantis, Tobias is responsible for large parts of the dealflow and investment process.

Tobias Burger

Founder's Associate

Tobias studied business with a focus on technology, innovation and...